Friday, June 27, 2014

Horoscopes for the Cancer New Moon

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  • 1st July, Mercury stations direct 24º Gemini
  • 12th July, Full Moon 20º Capricorn
  • 13th July Mercury enters Cancer
  • 16th July Mercury shadow phase ends
  • 16th July Jupiter enters Leo
  • 19th July Venus enters Cancer
  • 21st July Saturn stations direct @16º Scorpio
  • 22nd July Uranus stations retrograde @16º Aries
  • 26th July Mars enters Scorpio
  • 27th July New Moon 3º Leo

Aries ♈
New Moon 4th House

The Cancer new Moon ushers in a very much more dynamic second half to 2014 in a gentle, kind, way. It occurs in the sign where Jupiter has just spent the last twelve months and he's due to exit Cancer for Leo any day now. (16th July actually).

Jupiter we are told is exalted in Cancer. Not characteristically thought of as a home-body Aries, under the influence of Jupiter your ideas about your 'home' and where and what that is have changed and expanded your thoughts on what makes you feel safe and secure. In terms of a home or foundations you now have a much broader understanding of your needs.

There are some big planetary movements slated for July, changes you can feel more than happy about Monsieur Ares.  The Cancer new Moon marks a period of change, conviction and dynamism in a nice cocoon.

Your fourth house, Cancer, where Jupiter has been and where this new Moon occurs, is in- part an esoteric aspect of you. The great unwashed don't generally get to see into our house to look at the paintings on the walls, the photos on the mantelpiece and the books on the shelves.  The fourth house is intensely private and personal and as such can at times feel a tad isolating. 

This month too, Mars your ruler f i n a l l y  moves out of your seventh house of relationships.  You and your partner, you and your enemies can breathe a sigh of relief, the blow torch off for a while. 
The watery trine to Neptune from this Cancer new Moon suggests that your intuitions about the foundations of your life, how you would like to 'house' your life are indeed very accurate.  Neptune in the twelfth house has seen your imagination swing between piercing insights into things no one dares speak, to doubts, delusions and confusion about what level you're actually operating on.  Hot tip. Don't let the Capricorn Full Moon (see date above) sneak up on you at work.  Just observe the shenanigans that full Moon's invariably bring especially into the office, institutions or on the road.  You will be a much happier chappy by the Leo New Moon Aries that's guaranteed. Think of the first half of July as the chrysalis phase.

Taurus ♉
New Moon 3rd House

The Cancer new Moon is both beginning and ending.  It lands in the house of your chart associated with communication. The trine from Neptune in your solar eleventh house describes a situation where you realise just how valuable a friend and confidente you have been to many (liquorice allsorts) and how your expanded tolerance, even that which has stemmed from a state of bewilderment about your friends, now pays off and relations with all and sundry are more cordial. Fine weather ahead, futures have been healed.

Change is not something normally associated with being in Taurus' preferred reality, but you are if anything a realist and so you understand that change is of course inevitable if sometimes regrettable.  There are the 'who moved the cheese' kind of changes that irritate you (and you promptly move it back to where it was), to the sudden and unexpected change of heart.  When you realise you no longer continue to see things in quite the same way.  You no longer feel as you once did.  Such changes can creep up on you, sometimes a realisation dawns slowly. 

Forewarned is forearmed and the upcoming changes in the cosmos are malice-neutral.  You will be pleased to know that Mercury stations direct on July 1st in your cash zone, kickstarting negotiations and is out of shadow (totally in the clear) by the 16th.  This is a big day because Jupiter moves out of your third house of communications into Leo, your fourth house of bricks and mortar and life-foundations. You can expect to either move into a grander residence in the next twelve months or what is more likely perhaps, you realise you are made up of many parts and through the contemplation of, you 'grow' your foundations, your idea of yourself.
Venus your ruler swans into Cancer on July 19th adding her finesse and ease of grace to your communications.   By the end of the month Mars moves out of your everyday world of routine tasks and health; work has seemed and been unrelenting all year--this will ease up.  Hey, I'd go on holidays were I you! With your possibly beleaguered partner? Hmm maybe not!  Saturn in your solar seventh house has had its moments of grim, painful realisations about partners past and present, and you may have unwittingly developed a somewhat brittle or hard-line attitude. Hmmm.

Be mindful not to drive a panel pin in with a sledge hammer as you make a 'point', around the days of Mars' ingress into Scorpio. (see date above).  The trine from Chiron in Pisces to Saturn in your seventh house with this new Cancer Moon 'event', speaks of help and healing needed and delivered. We will all also feel better once Saturn has stationed direct on July 21st. 

This new Moon would be a good time to spend an evening with some of your weird friends--don't lend them any money but. 

Gemini ♊
New Moon 2nd House

The Cancer new Moon highlights an area of your chart--your cash zone that has seen the transit of Jupiter for the last twelve months.  Had you known that the cosmos' great expander was going to spend twelve months in your house of cash and resources you might have been more on the look-out for opportunities to expand this area of your life.  Maybe you did know and have been able to take advantage of any money-making ventures that have come your way.  Maybe though you have still been trying to make sense of your career life and what it is you do in the world.  Perhaps an illusion has fallen foul of reality and you are currently in the process of landing on your feet.  It's unlikely that Jupiter would have let you go hungry over the past year, he may have let you go into big debt but I suspect you're much too canny and quick to allow an out of control financial situation to develop . . .out of control.  Not with Saturn hounding you to keep your daily life 'real' I suspect!  

The lovely Venus is currently transiting your sign and conjunct Juno for the next few days as she glides on through giving you great 'pulling' power you sexy thing/keeper you.  Mercury stationing direct on July 1st and out of shadow on the day Jupiter moves into your communication zone is timing superb.  You will be firing on all cylinders by the Leo New Moon.   Mercury and Venus move through your cash house over the next month, finalising arrangements, finessing and fine-tuning your 'stuff'.  At the end of Jupiter's transit of this house, you may have accumulated quite a pile of things.  

This new Moon coincides with a trine from Chiron in your career house to Saturn in your house of health, work and service.  With Neptune and Chiron in this part of the chart there is a chance that you are being drawn towards taking on a whole new career one that this heals wounds and neuroses from past attitudes towards your 'duties' in the world.  

You are under no obligation to believe that what you do in the world to earn a crust must involve some level of tedious drudgery--it's simply not necessarily true-- a widely held but destructive myth promulgated by disgruntled souls.  Work can be a chore and especially if you think it so.   Mars' move into Scorpio at month's end will be a relief for us all and will re-ignite and inject fresh energy and enthusiasm for the stuff you must do everyday, you now realise so well, courtesy of Mister Saturn.  

If you have inklings for a career change and have a strong feeling that such a move is the way to go, you are absolutely spot on.  The latter part of 2014 will be exciting and dynamic and fast moving, just how you like it. 

Cancer ♋
New Moon First House

Where would be without Cancerians?  In some cold, heartless, place, unclothed, unfed, homeless and alone.  Cancer you were always completely indispenable to us wee humans, but after Jupiter's highlighting all things Cancerian we now know more than ever just how much the world needs a greater Cancerian sensibility!!

Pluto has had you guys in his sights as he argues/wins and loses with Lord Uranus.  Your steele is being tested by Pluto and for the last year or so you've had Jupiter helping you to cock-a-snook at that cold, distant, dark, heavy little bloke with the big excavator and an agenda to dig up everything. 

After the headiness of the Sun's transit through Gemini, followed by Mercury and his retrograde shenanigans and now Venus, it's fairly certain the world is not short on ideas and things or even just data to deal with and think about.  It does seem direly short however of love, care and protection and this is where you are needed. This new Moon trined by Neptune in your house of higher mind reminds us all in a timely way to come down out of the headiness of our thoughts and relax into the safety of our mostly reliably beating hearts.  Boom Boom. The trans-species boom, boom, boom, of all our hearts, keeps us connected.  You have cause to feel slightly smug, very happy and desperately needed. 

Leo ♌
New Moon Twelfth House

Your annual time of seclusion and naval-gazing is upon us.  It's been enough already!  Restrictions have frustrated you.  Having to bite your tongue with others because of your passionate beliefs.  Mercury retrograde in your social sector just when you most want to get your message across. What is this?  Some kind of anti-Leo conspiracy!!  Of course not, Leo the bravest of the brave the most outstanding star in any situation. Your time to show everyone just what a force of nature you are is nigh upon us with Jupiter's ingress into Leo on July 16th--less than a fortnight.  Yee har! You will like Jupiter--guaranteed. 

July is the turnpike for 2014 symbolised by the Cancer new Moon.  Things of a mysterious and ineffable cast are not necessarily the types of things that light your fire Leo, but after Jupiter's transit of your house of the unconscious and mysteries therein you have to concede that such mysteries are there and form a very large part of ... well pretty much everything. There is a danger in the blind pursuit of obvious realities at the expense of the less obvious, there is a danger in taking too much of our everyday world for granted and seeing only the 'surface appearance' of things. There is a danger in being too cavalier about our health. It isn't an any less ferocious Lion that wants to stamp out idiots and injustices and have their voice heard--but it is a very much more careful one. 

This time next month there is a new golden start for us all with Leo leading the charge.  This time next month Mars will have taken the urgency and the tendency to ride roughshod (which you have learnt to stymie) out of your communications. You won't feel quite so frustrated by the people in your everyday life and the self-censorship you have had to use.  Mars leaves your house of communication to shack up for a short time with Saturn in your house of houses the fourth house, your home--base/roots. Another area of your life that has been a source of angst and frustration.  With Mercury direct on July 1st and back into your twelfth house by the 13th, the first half of July remains a time of relatively quiet contemplation and preparation. R and R, two weeks. Max.

Jupiter enters Leo on July 16th and it is around this time that you need to watch for the biggest dividend of his transit of Cancer--your twelfth house.  By the next new Moon on July 27th (in Leo) (3º) you will have reason to feel very excited and very pleased even while Mercury and Venus take their time loitering about in Cancer for a few days to come. 

For this new Moon, Neptune and Chiron get in on the watery act. Chiron makes an exact trine to Saturn at 17º and Neptune trines this New Moon and Sun.  The trine from Chiron to Saturn with both planets retrograde, suggests on reflection you feel a poignant affection towards your mother and those at home and your bringing this into consciousness has a healing effect for all concerned.  From Neptune to the luminaries? hunches that can't necessarily be taken to the bank or that will stand up in a court of law--are likely to be a dead certainty. This, can only give you comfort and confidence Leo. 

Virgo ♍
New Moon Eleventh House

The Cancer new Moon occurs in your tenth house of public image, career, who you are when you're out in the wider world being a responsibile citizen--or something. There is co-incidentally a lovely watery trine between this new Moon/Sun and Neptune in your house of close partnerships.  Has this area been a source of confusion? And what (pray tell) is the relationship between your closest intimates and your wider circle--or your future?  It's likely you know the answer to this better than I, but the trine from Neptune to the luminaries in these two areas of your chart suggests that where there was once confusion and delusion, channels open up to help to clear out a backlog of doubt.  At the time of this new Moon there is another favourable aspect between Chiron in your house of partnerships and Saturn in your house of communication.  This trine seems a whole lot easier to understand and suggests that at some time during July you will hold a conversation with a partner or maybe with yourself that can help to heal past injuries.  Both Saturn and Chiron are retrograde which suggests reflection on past things.  Saturn stations direct (btw) on July 21.-- (in your communications, neighbourly relations sector) you have been warned.

Jupiter in your eleventh house has seen your circle of friends grow to be wide-ranging, while Neptune in your seventh may have been responsible for feelings of confusion, or delusionary thinking surrounding your one on one relationships. 

Fiscally you're probably so organised it's gone beyond a joke and back again a few times. Your cash house has not only been hosting Mars since December, Vesta, Ceres and the Northnode are all in Libra helping to firm up your finances.  Oh yes.   

Be prepared for Mars to finally exit Libra for Scorpio (where Saturn is) your communication house.  If you've one or two things of an urgent or pressing matter you need to say but Saturn has had you running hot and and cold, Mars will help help loosen your tongue... somewhat.  It's highly unlikely Saturn after his extensive stay in this part of your chart will allow you to 'shoot your mouth off' which with Mars here could be a risk. You can use his energy to simply get more out of your everyday world, and enjoy the feeling of 'working it'. 

Jupiter's ingress into Leo will see the expansion of your unconscious and a growing awareness of the immensity of it.  The twelfth house is the house most mysterious, most unknown, most concealed.  The place were dangers sometime lie . . . but also the place from where your greatest potentials--your art can spring.  Jupiter barrelling around down here, is bound to turn up a thing or two and make you very much more aware of what 'lies beneath'..... mwahhahhh.

This month you have good reasons to be quietly confident about how life is unfolding and your finessed ability to meet it head on--unscathed. 

Libra ♎

New Moon Tenth House

Feeling as popular as the proverbial pork chop Libra?  This seems an unlikely cast for our Libra--but it could just be ever so slightly, vaguely true.  You more than anyone have had quite enough of this headstrong planet Mars hanging around for months on end in beautiful, calm, peace-loving Libra. What on earth does he want?  And could he please leave!  Everything else here is just fine--it's just this angsty, irritable feeling that you have not been able to shake for a while.  Honestly the things you have thought to say--but didn't.  Losing it with your partner is a dangerous business of late--you just cannot know what may happen--but oh the temptation has been great to lose it......

Good news Libra. Mars moves out of Libra before the month is out after an extraordinarily, lengthy over-stay. (Mars has been camped in lovely Libra since 8th December 2013).  What do you suppose that's all about?  Riled up for absolutely no reason? Or riled up in order to fight the 'just' fight?  

Uranus has been challenging you with the odd angry shot from Aries with unusual, sudden and sometimes dangerous ideas--but these days you take any sudden upsets in your stride. You're even surprised at the intensity of measured . .  . measuredness you have. Wow. 

This new Moon is in your tenth house of public life.  Jupiter has been expanding this area of your life.  What you do when you step out the front door has for better or worse become something bigger--something more substantial than you might have anticipated. The caveats on this expansion have been in relation to what you think, imagine or believe to be possible.  Either you have bitten off more than you can chew and the rigours of daily life and mysterious health issues have put a stop to you, or you have unwittingly become involved in a life in the public sphere that you are in some form of denial about being able to successfully maintain long term.  Luckily you've had Mars onside to help you get over the line each day.  

Neptune and Chiron in your house of health, daily routines and must-do's, are at the time of this new Moon offering opportunities for a reappraisal of what you can reasonably expect from yourself.  In beneficial aspect to the luminaries, Neptune suggests a means of extracting greater existential meaning out of the mundane by turning prayer and meditation into a daily practise.   Chiron here gives support and the wounded healer in your everyday world suggests opportunities for both pain and healing are found in the apparently 'mundane'.

Saturn is always somewhere and until the end of this year he continues to rifle through your wallet asking questions about where did all the money go?  (tedious bastard) But at this late state you have him well and truly sussed and you are a model of fiscal rectitude by now.  Lovely!  Mars will verily fling out of Libra into Scorpio where any resting upon your laurels with regard to cash will be given the right tune up. 

Consider how your career, your public life has changed over the last year.  The spotlight remains in this part of your chart for much of July--there's probably not much you can do now that Jupiter's transit has almost ended.  Allow Saturn to help you continue to get real about your health as he pings off a trine to Chiron in your sixth house of health at the time of this new Moon.  

Uranus in Aries,  in your seventh house/opposing number stations retrograde this month.  Any forward strides of a sudden unexpected Uranian nature can now be reviewed sans blow torch. 

Scorpio ♏
New Moon Ninth House

You, my deep thinking, deeply feeling, and deeply probing friend are implicated in this Cancer new Moon by virtue of hosting Saturn who is at the time of this new Moon forming an exact trine to Chiron in Pisces.   Any exact aspect at the time of a new Moon needs to be potentially significant.  Sure you can argue that it's just a bunch of rocks up there in the cosmos, randomely flung around and hurtling through space willy nilly with no particular rhyme or reason.  You could do that.  However on closer inspection and with regard to one another something a tad more ordered and organised, more precise, and more timely is taking place for the benefit of much beleagured psyches.

This nice new Moon in cousin Cancer is in your house of higher learning, books, publishing, travel and academia.  For the past twelve months Jupiter has been stimulating this side to your nature --the quest for knowledge and new experiences.  In areas once considered to be simply too 'airy fairy' you find yourself mysteriously compelled and the beneficiary of unsolicited knowledge, tomes and opportunities to travel many miles off your usual beat.  (ahem)  It's been exciting.  Which is just as well because Saturn's transit of Scorpio has been precisely NOT exciting.  Nose to the grindstone, put your foot in it again, wounded another unsuspecting nong with too sharp a rebuke.  Basically you haven't been able to get away with very much.  Best to lay low huh?   But there's a stirring --things cannot stay as they are indefinitely and the half way mark or more of the year is when they start to wiggle and shake.

All those marvellous, madcap fantasies of an esoteric nature you've been keeping yourself amused with, as Neptune stirs up your novelty house....  Well guess what?  You're  on to something. Children, lovers, people who have tentatively one way or another come to your attention in needed of psychic help and healing you have been sage like and able to advise. 

Mars will be along any day now.  He'll be mighty active in Scorpio, finally liberated from Libra-- so be prepared. If there's anything in your life that will require super human strength, Mars into Scorpio on July 26th will provide. 

Jupiter moves into your house of public image or more simply your 'career' house this month.  This is big.  Reinventing yourself with what you do, would be timely as is the likelihood of movement up the rungs.  Lilith has been loitering here in Leo for a time, patient-like.  Enlist her to your cause. She makes a conspiratorial and somewhat challenging friend, and a dastardly, unpredictable foe.  Keep an eye out for her.  And don't diss the powerful woman at work, (for instance), she will happily eat you alive.  

Money is probably more than tricky at the moment.  Hang in there, you're the very model of good behaviour--thank you Mister Saturn.  Not long to go and he will get out of your persona and into your wallet, going through receipts, asking pertinent questions about expenditure and 'stuff' in general.  It can only help to get this part of your life organised and for it to be done thoroughly, honestly and sensibly.

New Moon Eighth House

You're a good thinker Sadge and for the most part you are very thoughtful--for the most part . .. when you're not being deliberately, wilfully, headstrong --missing crucial details . . . Never(tobe)theless the Sun's transit of Gemini, Jupiter in your solar eighth and Saturn tempting you with opportunities for a blazing life/death shitfight.  This past month in particular has almost done your head in.  The relief of the Sun getting out of your house of close partnerships where too much overthinking is well . . . too much overthinking, was almost palpable. 

 Hello heart, my private self, my cocoon, my Cancerian eighth house. Traditionally the house of sex, death and taxes oh and possible lottery wins, or inheritances isn't any the less bamboozling than the one that precedes it.  It's a lot more emotional and inclines one towards patience, and concerns of a fairly poignant nature.

This new Moon in your eighth house is the calm, watery, peaceful time to think slowly, and spend some time sensing your emotional self.  Jupiter has done I'm not sure what in this house over the last twelve months.  Perhaps you have inherited some money, perhaps you know you are going to have a huge tax bill this year and as your income's grown, so has the amount of tax you'll have to pay?  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, but the eighth house seems to have been all a bit too mysterious to work out.  The trine from Neptune in your fourth house of foundations to the luminaries--Sun and Moon at the new Moon, suggests an esoteric connection between your roots and perhaps your mother (which is always there and kinda obvious (for something esoteric)) but the trine between these two bodies in these particular houses is not something that comes along terribly often. Something about the two are being connected.  The trine from Chiron to Saturn in your solar twelfth house speaks to a Saturnian twelfth house type of secret and something about pain in your childhood.  

Jupiter moves into Leo (!) on July 16th. Be aware of Jupiterian/Eighth house manifestations around that date.  Perhaps nothing will happen, but sometimes, the re-housing of a planet causes a cumulative effect of all that it was up to in the house it is leaving.  The shock of the New is also worth considering as Jupiter bounds into Leo. Your Ninth House! This is right up your proverbial, Sadge. What fun!  

Mars moves out of Libra and your house of friends (do I still have any?) and futures (yeah, got one of those) and into Scorpio your deepest, darkest and you finally stop being quite so abrasive to everybody.  Saturn stations direct before the month's out. Twelfth house issues get a dose of salts --a good thing.  and it's probably time to think about putting out the welcome mat for Saturn. 

Capricorn ♑
New Moon Seventh House

Steady as she goes Capricorn.  I don't s'pose you have a mind for love poetry?  Not in the mood perhaps? Or maybe it just hasn't occurred to you?  This new Moon in your seventh house and the rather nice trine it forms from your third house of communications to your seventh house of lerv, is an opportunity too good to pass up.

The Sun and Moon are the luminaries--the lights in our sky, Neptune, King of the Deep--the deep unconscious that is, is very much in his element in Pisces.  If you activate this trine over the next few days the effects could be quite sublime.  How do you activate it?  Well something along the lines of love poetry--by connecting to some passing muse.  You don't in effect have to do very much some pleasant thoughts, some musings on lovely love.

Work. Ugh. There are promising signs in your house of career that's for certain, but energy for it may have become mired. Never to fear, Capricorn--Mars the major protagonist getting on everyone's goat by now, shifts house by months' end.  He moves into your social set--your house of future dreams and plans--where Saturn is now... which brings me to the second quite delightful trine happening at this new Moon between Chiron--also alongside Neptune in Pisces--in your house of communications, to Saturn in your house of friends where Mars will be at month's end.  This,my wiley friend can and will smooth over relations.  Something that has happened in the past that needs the a balm of healing words? 

This new Moon is that balm.  If you are deeply in love with someone, old or new (and the planets here suggest something like this), now is the time to communicate the depth of your feelings and with a bit of luck you are at liberty to do so.  All is well.

Aquarius ♒
New Moon Sixth House

The Cancer new Moon falls in your sixth house of work and service, which cannae be a bad thing. Work and service, work and service.  Does this mean more of the same? (I hear you cry).  Well yes and no. Neptune in your cash house trines this Sun and Moon in your sixth house and Chiron also in your cash house trines  Saturn in your tenth house of career.

Your material world has become somewhat nebulous and hard to pin down since Neptune moved into this part of your chart in Sept' 2012. Or maybe you're just less interested really less interested in it.  A gradual and quite imperceptible change has been taking place in how your view your resources.  It hasn't worked so well for you if you've been worriedly watching every dollar (as they leave), nor, on the other hand a devil-may-care attitude to spending has possibly also (not surprisingly) been a very bad idea. 

Money comes in. Money goes out. This would seem to be what money does. A laissez faire attitude has really been the one to take, a careful type of nonchalance.  Certainly it seems money per se has become almost superfluous to feelings of deep contentedness. Can't buy me love and so forth. 

You've worked hard Aquarius, the dollars seem to keep materialising and then just as quickly de-materialising.  Work, service, career, money it's not at all difficult to see the connection between these things--areas all being activated by this new Moons watery trine.  The energy of this trine flows quite freely-- easing up of the feeling of the seeming unendingness to the work/money/career/ cycle.

Buy yourself a good massage soon. Or go for a swim and have a sauna this weekend.  Spend some of your resources on looking after your hard working bod. Mars' move into the house where Saturn has been cracking the whip will help you find that extra energy needed to fulfill your obligations with the greatest of ease and elegance, as though you're not really working at it all. 

Jupiter moves into your seventh house relationship zone to remind you that you have one.  Lilith has already set up camp in here Leo --an advanced guard so there are stirrings in your loins--so to speak. There's a big opportunity with Jupiter's ingress into this part of your chart, to do things differently this time around when it comes to intimate relationships.  A good thing. 

Venus and Mercury are still to march on through your sixth house of work, service (and healthy routines) so you won't feel when Jupiter exits that the rug has been pulled out from under your feet and you must struggle harder with  . . . gravity to do what you must. These two will fine tune your routine--you have one now and ain't it grand. 

Pisces ♓
New Moon Fifth House

Playing host to Chiron has its ups and downs.  There is no doubt that there is an awful lot of pain in the world of which you are well aware.   

Saturn's transit of your ninth house has been highly instructive and a great boon to help you sieve the wheat from the chaff as goes all things esoteric, Saturn is a marvelous bullshit detector. The trine from Chiron to Saturn at the time of this new Moon (and a bit beyond) with both these planets retrograde, suggests a retracing of your footsteps.  A reflection on the tears you've wept over the past year and the pieces of information that caused those tears to dry. --Something of that nature.  Consider all you've learnt with Saturn's transit of your ninth house and how this has helped you on a profound level.  That's all you need do to get the energies of this trine to flow.  Tears are part and parcel of Chiron and sometimes that's all we can do. 

Tears aside . . . This new Moon and Sun is in your house of fun, adventure, romance and offspring.  I can hear the theme to the Life of Brian playing in the background... and at the end of the day, year, our life, after we've cried our eyes out over things we have no control to change, after we've railed against the gods of 'sad' there seems not much for it but to develop a philosophic cast to life's ongoing vicissitudes.

Asteroids Psyche and Sappho in your twelfth house are plotting. Any re-emerging or newly emerging inklings towards the pen or paintbrush can be very fruitfully harnessed now.  Just do it.

Mars gets out of your eighth house (see dates above) to energise your horizons--and this will be a welcome relief.  You can stop at last feeling simultaneously guilty and driven about your responsibilities in the world because when you think about (although I wouldn't advise any more of this) everything in this area of your chart is actually humming along quite nicely. 

Que sera sera  (but you know this)