Sunday, July 27, 2014

Leo New Moon Horoscopes



New Moon Fifth House

A feeling of release from bondage is emphasised by the Leo new Moon conveniently located in your house of fun. However, all this measuring of truth with Saturn’s transit of your house of all things-deadly-serious has been very, very sobering- dammit, even when you feel as though these so-called truths have nowt much to do with you. For your own part, you are about to explode with exuberance once you can get all these pesky issues with half-wits who-would-hold-you-back, out of the way.

The release from bondage with another person, whether in psychological form or simply a surrendering within a relationship has taught you a great deal about yourself. Your ruler wafting around in Libra this’away and that since December has helped ease some of the tensions on planet Earth as ever we vacillated around justice and then went for the infamous Libran iron-fist-in-velvet-glove response (anyway), has occurred in your house of closely held intimates and ‘this is personal’ scenarios. I think you get first prize for voyage of self-discovery this last six months or so. Even if it’s still maybe not quite how you see it. You have been summarily spat out at other end Aries and now you must keep paying attention to your ruler as he Marches towards Mr bloomy, gloomy-pants Saturn. It ain’t over yet buddy perhaps we should call Mars’ transit of Scorpio the ‘cooling-off’ period for you? You do have grand celestial permission to have some fun and to start designing your plans to conquer the earth. Go on a year long holiday, take a new lover, make some art, plan for a family, have a family. Your house of creativity is being blasted, you have fun and you create for a whole year.

As for getting the wherewithal to do this under current climes? What on earth are you supposed to do? Well my dear Ares on Earth we co-opt things to our cause, celestial bodies such as . . . Black Moon Lilith. She is a fellow traveller (of sorts). You can relate to Lilith Aries, she is a bit gung ho like your good self and she doesn’t have the time or the desire to suffer fools. Lilith is leading the charge through Leo and is right now crying out for the attention of Aries. If you feel as though things aren’t quite gelling in your neck of the woods as regards finding some practical application/relevance to yourself from all this Saturnian, reality stuff, (sooo frustrating, and too too real), co-opt , NOW, your inner feminist-rebel who will help you achieve take-off into fun—at last, as Jupiter the Sun and Moon gang up to zap your house of joie de vivre.

Oh and choose your enemies wisely at the mo’.


New Moon, Fourth House

There’s a healing going on around you Taurus of which you seem to be instrumental in by also being ‘out of the way’. This is the magical application of communication happening before your eyes, as you watch how what you have to say on a subject or ‘to’ a subject (of sorts) makes an enormous difference in their lives. Saturn in your opposing number, (7th house, Scorpio) has given you a compassionate wisdom for how people suffer, and how often they suffer badly, primarily, because of ignorance. You feel the responsibility of the role you’ve played in being a ‘facilitator’ but so too do you feel the release of pressure from the daily grind of doing this. Yes! Grunt.

Work and all due diligence etcetera, these things you know are fundamental to a healthily functioning viable organism/planet. This stuff is important and you have truly given of yourself these past six months tirelessly, to a bunch of liquorice allsorts and assorted nutters. This new Moon marks a turning point where you bring your focus in closer to home. Indeed with jolly Jupiter (who is a bit like the elephant in the room at this new Moon), the point of attention you bring yourself now, has the likelihood to expand… somewhat. Leo where Jupiter and the Sun Moon conjunct today, is your fourth house, your home of roots and sometimes blues, your physical dwelling, the unit upon and from which a ‘life’ is built. Black Moon Lilith has been in the avant garde of this procession so you have probably felt the odd prodding’s of something-not-quite right, skeletons knocking on doors and so forth. But this area of your life, while niggling at you now, is not necessarily going to be the loci of your attention. But it’s worth noting that Jupiter has arrived and is only too happy to help ‘clean-up’, expand the lerv, the renovations and the ideas about who you are and why you are, who you are. A Jupiter transit of your fourth house is a walk in the park. Swings and roundabouts as the boss says…

Mars’ move out of your house of health work and service and into your 7th house of close relationships will re-kindle (as it were) difficult and brooding issues in this area of your chart. You are wised-up Taurus, but you’re still not really able to fully integrate these sobering realisations about your significant ‘other’ into a deeper narrative about your life. Recognise the power your unconscious has over you, this is part of the revolution you’re undergoing and see that this large, alarming and surprising aspect of yourself is multi-faceted and that you integrate it into your ‘conscious, waking existence’ and enrich your life by accepting these surprising and revelatory aspects of your character, bit by bit. Black Moon Lilith at the time of this new Moon is making a more than useful bid to be let out of the closet and ‘owned’.


New Moon, Third House

The Leo new Moon occurs in your third house of communications and the people in your everyday environment. With the recent arrival of Jupiter here, now at 2º, this new Moon is as good as conjunct Jupiter which adds emphasis to the likely expansion of this part of your chart. You are a born communicator Gemini so this will sit very well with you and you only need be your communicative, entertaining-self to know you are ‘expanding’ an area that is beneficial to you. Mars too has in the last day or so finally moved house. You have had a six month ride on a crest of creative and revolutionary energy which has swept you up in its path. The last sixth months certainly haven’t been dull, but you have worked doggedly to fulfil life’s obligations as you see them without a lot of obvious reward in terms of other’s appreciation. For Gemini’s, Mars’ transit of your house of ‘fun’ has been about you realising the power of your own creativity to bring about change. Pinging off on Uranus over the ways in Aries, these bursts of energy have come to you with the help of a wider and more radical circle of friends and group associations.

Jupiter’s move into Leo will form a beneficial trine you can use around the time of October’s full Moon in Aries it is then you really get to enlist however that may be possible the powerful and volatile energies of the group to your cause—whatever that may be with the caveat that you are going to also have to put a lot of thought into why, how, and when you are going to strike as low and behold your ruler Mercury stations retrograde a few days beforehand. But we get ahead of ourselves.

At the time of this new Moon the energy of Mars, newly arrived in Scorpio, your solar sixth house—where Saturn has been cracking the whip is held in check by a square to the Sun/Moon/Jupiter shin-dig in Leo. Hold your horses Mars you may have freed yourself from Libran treachery, but pell mell into Scorpio is never ever a good idea—take a moment to think a little about how you are going to use this newly liberated, driving energy to help fulfil your daily obligations and responsibilities because task master Saturn lurks up ahead and will step out onto the road with a sign that reads STOP if you don’t consider the wisest use of a burst of Mars’s energy into this part of your chart.

Oh and did I mention you are currently at your most beguiling as far goes the opposite sex? Venus in Cancer is adding her touch of gloss to your persona, and Circe and Eros speak of intrigue. You’re a bit too busy frankly, but it is nice to be noticed and quite possibly most lustfully wanted. As a general rule this month? Stick with the program and realise just how strong you really are at your core.


New Moon, Second House

What could be better than Jupiter in your first house in this world, in today’s economic climes? Hmm, probably Jupiter into the second house? Which is what is what is happening now for Cancerians. The Sun/Moon conjunction in Leo affirms with luminescent fanfare the arrival of Jupiter into your house of cash.

Mars has left the building more or less (thank fuck) and this is the time of year to finally turn your attention to all things mercurial in your life, money, belongings and to a certain extent your persona. Jupiter is going to be beavering away here for the next 12 months-- although he probably wouldn’t like to think of it as ‘beavering’ more throwing crackers, partying hard and exaggerating this area of your life. And therein likes the obvious pitfall of a Jupiter transit of your house of cash. Far be it, I’d wager however, for the canny crab to allow themselves to go into debt big time, but you have been warned and unless borrowing large sums of money is something you routinely do, I could not advise it right now with Jupiter’s placement here. But creative change is definitely your due after an exhausting and at times painful analysis of who you are and why you are with Mars’ transit of your Libran 4th house of roots’ blues’ and foundations. You have possibly tired of endlessly shunting the furniture around in your head and your house and you’re definitely done with being King Pin at home with flatmates and co-habitors possibly treading warily around you. All of us have had our Mars’ cross to bear these last few months, nobody has gotten off unscathed by the iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove approach to one another.

This new Moon conjoined with Sun and jolly Jupiter newly arrived in your second house is of course not about simply ending up hideously in debt. No siree, at it’s rawest potential the second house is unlimited. The second house involves you and everything you touch. I know a number of Cancerians with the ‘Midas’ touch and I have no idea how they work their magic, (yet). Keep an eye on the way your ‘cash’ is trending with Jupiter, but should you see a golden opportunity to make a million dollars more than what you may need to borrow to get it then… see your financial advisor or better still someone completely objective..

Libra is the most forgiving of the human frailties, hosting Mars has not been easy. Our next Mars lesson is the one we have in when he dances around Saturn.. Keep an eye out of Mars conjunct Saturn week beginning August 24. This could be a water shed moment for your creativity.. Oh and Venus, in Cancer—it helps that you are aglow right now and you can charm the birds out of the trees with gentle cooing sounds as easily as you can effortlessly fall of a log. You’re more than ready too, for a mysterious stranger to enter stage left.


New Moon, First House

Viva la difference Leo? It’s birthday month, and with the very recent arrival of Jupiter into Leo the celebrations could last all year. Mars has decamped from your house of communications directing your attentions towards your immediate living quarters and the foundations of your life thus far.

Jupiter’s ebullience may be somewhat toned down at the outset by a somewhat grumpy to get going square to Mars newly released into Scorpio, but the power of reinvention and new beginnings that accompanies this Leonine new Moon cannot over the long range, be understated for Leos. With Jupiter onside Leos are encouraged to think big about themselves and who they are. You are a shrewder and more confident being as regards other people and Jupiter’s visitation will help you get some traction with regard to this fact, out into the world. Venus bringing up the rear is still in Cancer as is Mercury, so you may feel, even though it’s birthday month that you’re not really getting vindication for the efforts yet and you could still be feeling like keeping a lowish profile… sort of. You are probably a bit torn betwixt and between. Perhaps Mars’s protracted visitation of your third house of communications has seen you mouthing off a tad too aggressively to the nearest and dearest and now with Mercury in your 12th house of the unconscious, you are feeling more inclined to staying schtumm.

Windswept and interesting is not such a bad feeling to start off the Jupiterian year in Leo and your excitement at what this year may bring for you is founded on the unfailingly trustworthy movements in the celestial sphere. At the time of this new Moon there is an opposition between Venus in your solar 12th house and Pluto in your solar sixth. Pluto’s transit of your sixth house has the potential to pull the rug out from under you with regard to your daily life and routines. Squaring Uranus in your solar ninth house there is an element of having been able to see these upsets coming in the pipeline, even if the scale, potency and effect of the old Pluto rug pull has come about suddenly and shockingly. Venus’ opposition to Pluto encourages you to be gentler on yourself in your daily life. She challenges Pluto to be a bit more, humane in his action as you should be with yourself. The every day people in your life right now, are probably there for keeps and if they are family they are in no doubt as to the seriousness with which you take their actions and the effect these have upon you. At the time of this new Moon, Black Moon Lilith at 16º of Leo makes an exact trine to Uranus over in fellow fire sign Aries, currently transiting your house of higher learning. Open your ears Leo to any snippets of information that come your way of a Lilith nature. The radicalisation of Lilith in our culture is well underway in these brave new days we live. Not without opposition from grumpy old stick in the mud males. This trine suggests you avail yourself to new and surprising information. Lilith wants validation and even vindication, but she is being thwarted somewhat by Saturn at the moment (no surprises there), Uranus is her wild card and you may hold a key to it’s realisation.–Just a thought. You are strong Leo, you are ready for the unexpected, you are organised and there is a no-shit seriousness about you that wasn’t there a year ago, that serves only to add to your formidability.


New Moon Twelfth House

You can afford to be quietly confident Virgo. This new Moon takes place in your solar twelfth house of the deep and mysterious, where Jupiter has recently set up shop for a year or so and where Black Moon Lilith has been lurking for a while.

Mars’s move out of your house of cash is a relief, because with his vacillations and shenanigans it’s been a confusing transit for Virgoans, mainly because of the length of it. Organising one’s cash and belongings, even one’s persona are not issues one normally wants to spend months and months and months thinking and doing. There was enough time to have every cent accounted for, every item tagged with your name and put in its place only and for the whole system to resort back to chaos and for you to have to start over. Other areas of your life less able to visually ‘spot’ may have fallen by the wayside a little as you were kept on your toes with regard to the importance of a buck in the bank and food on the table in a warm house. In the last week Saturn has stationed direct in your house of communications and your every day world and you may have stumbled a bit as he stationed in one of these arenas of your daily life. Mars has moved into this part of your chart, I think primarily to give us a brush up on what Saturn has ‘found out’. You are not necessarily yet ready to give free rein to your tongue but the information Saturn has been picking up from here and there has certainly provided grist for the mill for a time when you feel it’s safe to speak freely sans being struck down by a bolt of lightning (or something). If you have felt like an obsession with your money and stuff has taken you to hell and back again and you’ve scarcely had time to think about more hidden aspects of your life, i.e. your internal life, Jupiter has arrived just in time to help you realise this part of your life, writ large from within. Your dreams, your beliefs, and anything secretive or mysterious about you is set to increase in importance—to you.

Venus’s entry into your social sector helps lighten up the tone of your life a bit, so if you get invited out, go, because your charm, wit and now penetrating insights into all that is happening around you will make you a welcome member of any social ‘set’. Mercury in Cancer helps to loosen your tongue perhaps even against your better judgement of the last two year or so to STFU about many things. It will be a while before you will able to speak freely about all that you have come to know and understand, but your running commentary on life has been influenced by Saturn’s transit of your communication sector rendering your wit perfectly droll and welcome in any occasion.


New Moon 11th House

Compartmentalising life into twelve ‘sectors’ or houses as astrologers call them, helps to make life more understandable, but also makes one realise that it’s not altogether possible to divide one’s attention completely equally twelve ways. The spotlight this month is on your house of society, group involvements and ‘futures’ An area of your life that you may have forgotten (temporarily). The Sun and Moon and even Black Moon Lilith who has been here for a while, will move on in the short term, leaving Jupiter to expand and energise this somewhat neglected area of your life. This will be a tonic to you Libra. One you no doubt need.

With Mars’ move out Libra you can breathe a sigh of relief. He has been fairly unrelenting energy of personal transformation, forcing you to become what you know you are already but have used all the excuses under the Sun to not become. You are quite happy to pass comment on the machinations within the personal lives of others, something you do equitably, usually erring on the side of proffering plenty of room for benefit of the doubt type olive branches and sweet assessments when such things do not actually touch you intimately and personally. When it comes to issues that affect you and only you Librans can tend towards a pretty convincing line in denial. Mars has been hammering you about this, while Saturn rattles the cash box just to add a bit an extra edge to capital R reality.

Mars does not leave Libra like a shag on a rock, Vesta, Ceres and the North node are all still crowding the third decan of Libra, giving you a feeling of the substantiality of your destiny and a welcome feeling of security about it. You have an effect on people Libra, just by being who you are. Uranus is still going to hit you with the odd and unexpected curve ball from your relationship sector but you are in a good position to stand up confidently to anything that might undermine your now better sense of who you are. Thank you Mars. And good bye.!


New Moon Tenth House

Time to get cracking Scorpio. Mars has landed and you need to make the most of his energy to harness what Jupiter has to offer in you in House of the Month-- Leo, your area of career and life in the wider world- oh and fatherhood. The pressure is now on to come out of the shadows and partake of the game of life more fully. Jupiter’s transit of Cancer has enlightened you to some poignant truths about the effects of man’s essential emotionality on the direction he takes in life for better and for at times much worse. I wouldn’t doubt that you could write a book about the trouble you’ve seen during the first half of 2014. Disturbing external information that does not virtually impact you materially, has nonetheless caused a great deal of self-searching amongst the more immaterial realities of your existence. As above so below as within so without perhaps. I think Mars’ extended transit of Libra 2014 was a trap designed to catch us all in helping us realise just how mortal we are and just how much room for improvement there is in all of us. For you Mars’ extended transit was through the most secretive area of your chart and so possibly it is only and will ever only be you that knows how spectacularly you may have fucked up here. You’ll be pleased about that. So be pleased. It’s over. Meanwhile out in the wider world, you’re definitely feeling like making an appearance. There is definitely a feeling of fresh energy to burn and you have been shying away from this aspect of your life. Jupiter-Jove in Leo will expand your public persona, so go ahead and get famous and have fun doing it. Lilith’s presence in this part of your chart suggests there may be someone there already represented as the radicalised female who is instrumental to you working this transit to your advantage.

Jupiter’s ingress into Leo has the potential or had the potential to simply inflate the general populaces’ sense of self importance. Mars’ move into pointy Scorpio was always going to be a release valve and there is, or was, a danger that we could just wind ourselves up in a fully blown row/conflagration/impossible position/situation. But Mars moving into Scorpio within days of Jupiter moving into Leo has realised a sharp angle causing the other to reflect and pause. We won’t really feel the effects of Jupiter in Leo until such time as the Sun and Moon have moved on into Virgo. Lilith moves out mid November and Juno moves in, your tenth house has company with a female edge to your public profile for much of the next twelve months.

On Friday August 8th, Mars at 7º of Scorpio will make a very helpful trine to Neptune in your solar fifth house of creativity. You may find the energy or an idea to do whatever it is you plan to do to get famous around that time. Who knows? I’d be putting out feelers. This time next month, Venus and Mercury will have joined the party in Leo helping with a smooth entrée into society or a boost up a few rungs for our Scorpio.


New Moon, Ninth House

Jupiter’s transit of Leo will help you feel more fully yourself Sadge. You know that many of life’s most important opportunities are ‘out there’ in the wider world and you also possibly realise that you have been through a period of intense inner testing that you have had to keep largely to yourself. Mars’ move into Scorpio continues that theme but intensifies the privacy of it. However, you won’t feel as though you are under any sort of pressure or that you must apply pressure to yourself. You have a wealth of wisdom at your finger tips and your level of happy self-reliance has hit an all time high and this feels good. You feel good and confident and strong.

Patience is not one of your greatest virtues but I’d continue on with a wait and see game while keeping abreast of the treasure trove that is the world around you. The Sun/Moon/ Jupiter party in Leo has gotten off to a bitter sweet start with a square to Mars but simultaneously there is an interesting opportunity opening up between your house of creativity and your Leonine house of higher learning. Uranus and Lilith form a nice trine between your fellow fire signs at 16º Aries and Leo respectively. Uranus recently stationed retrograde (within a day of Saturn stationing direct) and now is the time to hone your art, gather materials and re-imagine perhaps where it can take you and how you can more satisfactorily work your creative reinventions. There is more backstage preparation to be done, and this goes on until basically the end of the year. The next major astrological event for you aside from the passage of the swifter moving, planets transiting Sadge, is the arrival of Saturn on Xmas eve this year. Saturn will help draw the many strings that have been in various stages of unravelment in your life and give you the discipline to weave them into an overall plan. Structure and lashings perhaps literally of energy for discipline is on the way. In the meantime, it’s planning, travelling, planning to travel and you sucking up information like a sponge from the wide wondrous world. Adopt adventure mode—incognito for now, enjoying the freedom and independence this gives.


New Moon Eighth House

Venus is planet of the moment for Capricorns as she softens the rhetoric and applies direct pressure to evolving Capricornians who have been wondering whether they’re Arthur or Martha with Pluto continuing his shit-stirring tour of Capricorn. I guess you’ve gotten a bit used to it by now. Take the loving, glowing, rays of Venus across the ways in Cancer and drink them in. A ‘whatever you do or say is fine by me’ is probably as good a way as any to kick off the month of Leo, Jupiter’s ingress into same and Mars finally leaving your house of public persona/career. Just as well you’re a level headed, dependable, serious type and not one likely to lose one’s footing when life gets a tad strange, because a lesser mortal would have lost their footing by now, negotiating their way through these enormously slow moving and powerful bodies Uranus, Neptune and Pluto moving through such personal areas of their . . person. The agitation, or outright argy bargy between your desire to break free at your core and your need to be ‘on point’ out in the public, magically dissipates.

With Neptune and Chiron in your house of the everyday and neighbourly relations, it’s very difficult to know what each day will bring, something numinous, something shiny, something unbearably sad. Predictability, other than what you glean from your own nature, has been hard to come by in your everyday world.

At the time of this new Moon there is a trine, you can use, between the revolutionary Uranus in your house of roots to Lilith in your house of death and the mystically numinous. Something to do with secrecy surrounding a fated woman in your life—at home. Lilith also makes a hard square to Saturn suggesting that whatever this weird three way awkward connection is between these bodies-Saturn inconjunct Uranus (separated by 150º) Lilith 90º to Saturn and 120º to Uranus, it is a thing that wants to ‘work’ but is being blocked by its own action.

For Capricorn, Saturn has been scarifying your eleventh house of friends, groups and social futures, this hasn’t exactly helped ameliorate any reputation you have for being very seriously, upwardly mobile but it has perhaps changed this idea of yourself for you personally as you’ve negotiated it’s valleys and troughs. These are days of miracle and wonder and also days laden with a type of seriousness, luckily for you a feeling of magic has been haunting your dreams and your money house has been ticking over nicely. All else has been deeply personal and yes quite serious. As I said, a lesser mortal with no sense of humour would have fallen by the wayside by now. Jupiter’s transit of Leo will help further sort the wheat from the chaff.


New Moon Seventh House

There are a number of ways you can work this Aquarius and when I say ‘work’ I mean struggle with ‘parts’ of yourself for the other parts of yourself that are perhaps a bit worthier, more sustainable, from which you deride greater love affection and meaning. Joyful, happy, fantastical aspects of your being that when found (again), set your heart a racing and your dial smiling with glee. We are a multitude. One of the ways to work the current planetary line up is to muse upon the notion that you are remote from and powerless to change any of the ‘stuff’ happening around you and ‘to’ you to a certain extent and their’s the killer. ‘To’ you. What is happening to you Aquarius? You are about to be defined in a way most delightful. Actually you’re feeling pretty good, all this work is paying dividends, like you knew it would. Amidst asteroids Sappho and Psyche you are indeed pleasantly remote from most of what is happening, and entertained too.

Pluto in your twelfth house of the mysterious unconscious, (making you a tad more deeply mysterious than the average bear right now) has Venus staring him down (or something) from your sixth house of routine health and service. There is definitely an everyday way you gracefully glide what the unconscious is showing you into your ‘routine’, even if it’s just through random prayer and mantra repetition throughout the day.

Something in your second house of cash, where Chiron is currently at 17º lines up synchronously with Saturn (in your house of work), 120º degrees away in Scorpio (now at 16º). This looks like a conciliatory offer between money and business, labour and reward. Venus also in watery Cancer 120º will also swoon in nicely in on the act so whatever the offer is, with regard to how you earn a living, take it because it will be good for your health. Enjoy the honeymoon and a sizeable afterglow with Jupiter now freshly plonked in your seventh house of closely held intimate ‘others’.

Jupiter and other luminaries including asteroid Amor and Black Moon Lilith are all in Leo and with the Sun in it’s own sign there is cause for celebration and a retreat, (but not for you necessarily) to mirth as the last resort for the sanely intelligent. (You qualify) and I’d highly recommend laughing at most of the newly given opportunities. Not so funny perhaps is that Leo house is your opposing number; Leo’s have something to ‘demonstrate’ to you (clearly) and you need to integrate something of the Leonine essence in order to be fully whole. It’s not too difficult to get your head around the joy of being an incredible show off with big hair and a booming presence, you are secretly in awe, but you also can’t help wondering… why. Pretend to be and see what happens. Offer hugs when needed. Attend to the dreds. Think warm and ‘big’ hearted.


New Moon Sixth House

Take advantage of the trines happening now and about to happen between Neptune and Mars and Chiron and Saturn. Neptune your ruler and Chiron are both in Pisces and the effects of these planets has had the potential to disorientate you in ways that are not altogether beneficial even though you needed to be … made an omelette for a while….. 

Mars newly released into Scorpio is of enormous benefit to Pisceans as he will give you the impetus to start using your stocks of insight into any wellspring of your choosing. The new Moon, Sun, and Jupiter in Leo now, are here to expand an area of your life related to health, work, service and daily routines. This is a signal that you need to start thinking about a return to whatever it is you may have inadvertently surrendered or simply had to forego, something you need to ‘get back to’. Avoidance tactics cannot stave off the inevitable, best ye have your shit together before say . . . Christmas.

Jupiter transiting the sixth house is a pleasure indeed. You will find yourself as the month progresses, moving towards doing just the things you know you ‘should’ with the greatest of ease and elegance. 

Dates to keep in mind for celestial help of a most practical nature you can use if you ask: 

  • Saturn trine Chiron August 5th
  • Mars trine Neptune August 7th
  • Mars trine Chiron August 25th

Keep in mind these days for tapping into a goodly source of energy that will kick start a whole new cycle of you being more thoroughly and happily ‘in’ the world.

You cannot lose what you have gained, that remains, but you can get back something you may have forgotten. Second house issues of uncertainty and unpredictability are on the upswing to a more dependable source, but with Uranus here, err on the side of caution and don’t bet ALL your winnings.