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Aries New Moon 2014

Aries New Moon

Sydney 5:44 am Monday 31st.

World times here (subtract one minute)

Venus into Pisces April 6th.

Mercury into Aries April 8th. 

I'm not entirely sure where I lifted this lovely painting.  It speaks of both hemispheres right now.  The cool of Autumn down here and the rush of Spring up there.  Image by Rach Bates from  Rach Bates Paints...


Your annual new Moon coupled with the Sun's ingress into Aries a week or so ago, marks the start of the astrological year.  It is a particularly intense start for you but you may well feel as like nothing in particular has 'started'.  Wait until this Wednesday to feel a stirring of activity and by the middle of next week trickster Mercury steps into Aries to help unhinge your tongue.  Consider for a few seconds whether the nearest and dearest, (who may well have been source of frustration to you while Mars backtracks through your relationship house) are indeed ready to hear some possibly devastating home truths--actually I can tell you now, they're not.  You will have to try and hold the line in free and frank communications for a time yet, lest you be forced to wear the long term consequences.   There are some things the Gods do not want revealed all-of-a-sudden if you can help it and now may be such a time.  Venus' move into Pisces will help you deal with any exploding head issues giving you instead, good deeds to do hither thither, for which you will be taking a background role.   Take time out on this new Moon to take in a few conscious breaths.  Knowledge is responsibility and while it might be odious and going over old ground tiresome, you are wisening up at warp speed. The Sun will conjunct Uranus in Aries on Wednesday and this will help you see what has radically altered in your life and how this is a work in process. You can't do anything much other than observe Uranus in action. 

The new Aries Moon will make you feel refreshed, revitalised and more sure of yourself even if you must keep this new zingy feeling of confidence illuminating you from the inside out to yourself... a bit.


To love or not to love eh Taurus?  Well I guess that seems like a no-brainer, but with Saturn plonked in your opposite sign of Scorpio and currently retrograde, being a little overly pragmatic about relationships is probably starting to wear a bit thin, especially when the subject of love has been very much on your mind.  What is this thing called love?  Whatever it is, it is now opportune for you to  grasp it a little more clearly or practially or incisively with hoops or steel or something and work it into your daily life.  Jupiter will assist, indeed you could be witnessing quite the expansion of love in all it's many forms in your daily life. Your daily life, btw, which has been bigger than Ben Hur of late, while Jupiter ploughs on through.  Whatever will happen next?

This new Moon is in your 12th house of the secretive, gasping,  ahah moments, that come bubbling, charging or landing in our laps from somewhere beyond the veil of Maya when we least expect it.  There's not a lot you can do to plan for this,  so welcome the mindbogglingly unpredictable Aries new Moon as a clarifying light into your deepest, known unknowns.  The thing is that it's about love in your everyday life and yes to live well that's actually something we should consider fairly seriously.


Everybody gets a fresh start with a new Moon in Aries.  Yang energies get a boost even while Mars retrogrades in Libra--your house of adventures.  This new Moon is in your house of friends-- a dynamic area for Messers Gemini of late--to say the least.  So a chance to re-boot in this area, but also more generally speaking as good a time as any to consider your health and wellbeing.  Your love life may have taken a more clandestine turn of late, but niggling health issues are being pinged by some of the information you've been taking on--perhaps you are discovering you're a text book case and there never was anything particularly weird about you to concern yourself with.  A longer term destiny is tied up with your house of adventure, creativity, love affairs and children, but it seems to be under wraps for now, you can't do anything much in this area until Mars moves ahead in May.  So attend to things much closer at hand, your body, your health, your wellbeing your daily regimen  There is still more information to come concerning your wider circle, and while you can use the Aries new Moon to shine a spotlight on this area of your chart, it is still and will be under quite a bit of strain and whatever is going on packs a powerful punch when all or perhaps too much is revealed.  Saturn has been forcing you into a tight corner as far as daily routines and your health is concerned, you are being limited in this area, but you have help onside.  Keep expanding your knowledge about your mind/spirit/body connections.  When your ruler moves into Aries in just over a week's time, tongues will loosen and another piece in an intriguing mystery in your life will fall into place.  Trust in Jupiter to keep things expanding, (hopefully your finances) and remember that Neptune is making what you do in the world at this time hard to pin down in so many words.  Oh and love is in the air, even that of which you dare not yet speak.


Maestro Cancer.  The new Moon in Aries lands in the part of your chart connected with you and your wider world, your place in that world, your profile--not the 'real' you of course, but the one that is associated with your  . . .  brand.  And it may well have come to that with jolly Jupiter in our lovely Cancer--suddenly you are a 'brand'..... Aside from the elephant in the room at home, things there are going quite swimmingly and this is just as well because the action for this new Moon and the month ahead is dominated for you by what happens when you step out the door.  There is definitely tension between the two worlds with this Moon highlighting not only your public persona but by the very presence of the luminaries here, they shine a light over the ways 180ยบ to Libra your treasured, precious, private, fourth house where Vesta has set up shop--very nice, currently retrograde so swinging by one more time,. The north node newly arrived, suggesting the domestic scene for many of us will be the focii of our lives.  Ceres the goddess of the harvest and of course the elephant --Mars recalcitrant bastard currently going nowhere very much.  Go easy on the passive aggression Cancer with this particular elephant. . . .There is too perhaps an impossible love interest out there in the wider world, but having a fling would seem like madness and it probably would be, you're feeling fairly serious about the constant in-for-repairs relationship overhaul. Help is on-way but you'll probably have to tough it out at least until the end of the month, if not until Mars starts moving on in May.  This new Moon of yours' in Aries is a tonic for us all.  I've read that it is fairly high octane, perhaps we are all having to ramp up the efforts a bit in whichever part of our charts are being hit on by your lovely ruler, and perhaps this is a good thing.  It wouldn't do however for anyone to have too many expectations.   There is a lover out there somewhere and you know it.  Venus moves out of airy Aquarius soon.  A loan may well come through before she moves house and by the middle of the week be prepared to start talking out there in the (one of the) 'real' worlds beyond the front door.


I'd say you're a bit torn Leo someone exiting your life while someone enters,  two distinctly different personalites and two very strong personalities.  That'd be Black Moon Lilith just arrived in Leo and Pallas Athene almost having concluded her tour.   The beauty, brutality and mystery of love has possibly had you in it's thrall of late too.  But this new Moon is about wider horizons--yours however you get 'em.  This is an exciting and revolutionary area of your life that you've not really given that much consideration to in the past, but remarkably, it just keeps on giving .  This new Moon is about taking stock, making sense of and really pushing through plans to expand.  However . . .  there is much work to be done a lot closer to home.  This new Moon for Leos speaks of a long term agenda, Black Moon Lilith will be your no-nonsense companion in all this, and while you've been enjoying a Venusian magical mystery tour with a partner, it hasn't been without it's edginess.  Your daily life, is being challenged by the very idea of your departure from the mundane world into a part of your life or the world that you wouldn't necessarily have picked yourself for  . . . craving.  Grass is always greener as they say.  Like I said dream, itemise, make lists,  read, learn and expand yourself out into the world.  Your daily life is being challenged but basically it's fairly content at present if a bit  . . . agitated.  Not sure how you can be simultaneously content and agitated.  Blame Mars.  Perhaps this is the most mundane message of Mars retrograde in Libra, vacillating between being content and being agitated about nothing apparently much happening.


Mars retrograde in your cash house is something of a drag. But with Ceres and Vesta and the north node also in this zone of your chart it wouldn't appear you are unsupported in your efforts to increase, maintain or hang onto your cash.  Mars won't station direct until May and that is when you can expect some forward movement with regard to money matters and your 'stuff' in general.  With the north node newly arrived in this area of your chart you know that how you utilise the resources available to you, or how you attract resources is for now you can see very much tied up with a bigger and more financially secure future.  As to how this may happen, well as always that's up to you, but you are supported by the cosmos with asteroids Vesta and Ceres here and the presence of the north node means your needs are not being ignored.  Until such time as Mars moves ahead there is very little point in getting too angsty about lucre.  Your attention is better used elsewhere.  The 8th house where this new Moon is, is also linked to your finances but it involves money that is not readily available as cash per se.  The eighth house rules taxes, money lent from financial institutions, money shared with a partner and money inherited. An Aries new Moon describes new beginnings and a fresh start, so if you find yourself in some kind of stalemate-financial-bind with a partner or an institution, aside from Mars being difficult, this is the time to take a new approach.  It could be with Neptune in your house of partnerships that there is a great fog of confusion surrounding your partner--perhaps having funds between you is part and parcel of some problem you need to resolve and this is the new Moon to start doing it.  Old paradigms between partners and money no longer work so well in these modern times. The tension between what you feel life means and what you do in life is also being touched upon (or more accurately shaken out) with Pluto in your fifth house of creativity and children.  Later in April Pluto makes one of several direct squares to Uranus in your 8th house.  This is a revolution tied in with long term futures --perhaps your children's perhaps your art.  Fear not, learn to roll with the punches there is no shortage of support Virgo--Jupiter keeps piling on the peoples--you just need use your famous discrimination to sort the wheat from the chaff.  Oh and lookee Eros arrived for some fun in your house of lovers, adventure, children and creativity right into the midst of the revolution in process.


Being the love child of relativity means a new Moon in your house of partnerships is probably just what the doctor ordered.  Libra is more or less in the firing line for the upcoming opposition/squares between Capricorn, Aries and thanks to Mars, Libra.  You are being implicated as a deal/peace breaker.  Quite fitting really but it will take it's toll on the unwary.  So looking after your health, keeping stress at a reasonable level, indeed bunking off entirely on a health/yoga/meditation retreat will go a long way towards mitigating any possible pressure.  Pressure you say?  I say this because of what's going on in your house of health, work and the every day.  Neptune and wounded healer Chiron aren't there for no good reason, the mere presence of Chiron suggests wounds to be healed on a fairly primordial level or unconscious one.   There is magic about for you in the everyday --appreciate it when it comes.  And on the idea of taking some serious time out, well away from the daily grind,  there's a very good chance that such a complete change of scenery, like for instance, an intensive meditation retreat, will provide a eureka moment with regard to  . . . ah bloody money.  That particular monkey won't get off your back until Mars moves forward and bloomy Saturn pisses right off out of of your house of cash.  You are so organised as far as money goes,  or could be so organised with regard to money if . . .        maybe it's time to do something for your soul as well.  You will need all your powers of equanimity.


Clowns to the left of me...... This new Moon is in your house of health Scorpio.  I guess the marvellous thing about astrology is is perfect and perfectly timed.  From the big bang it was always going to unfurl in this way at this time.  It's how we interpret the movement of the cosmos where it starts to get quite complex.  Just being human seems to land us in a great deal of complexity.  And the little we do know is mindboggling enough.  But we do know we are organic beings, arms, legs,  heads, viscera and so forth, we are indeed great gas factories, metabolising fairly constantly, gadding about tramping around on this tiny blue planet, it is definitely for the best that we endeavour to maintain ourselves in good condition albeit that what we do know for sure is that the battle against entropy is  a losing one and we are all destined to die.  But life seems neither short nor long when you're for all intents and purposes in its midst and we do seem to be given these revitilising opportunities to work on what we've been given to use i.e. arms, legs, heads, viscera and so forth.  This new Moon is one such opportunity for you Scorpio.  Your health practises, your daily regimen all get a boost from this new Moon.  Oh and keep in mind the idea of lightening up too;  Scorpio won't be with you forever and while he is ace at forcing you to get and keep your shit together he can be a tad on the serious side.  By May,  Mars will come barrelling into Scorpio to blow away the serious.  There will be dancing in the streets . . . briefly.


The Aries new Moon is in your fifth house of creativity and fun.  All you need is love, isn't that right?  And powerful friends in high places, the ability to keep secrets secret and a strong desire for the truth.  Such things are being taken care of Sagittarius, which is just as well as you're having trouble keeping your eye on the ball.  Wanting to play rather than work lately.  Either you're back to your  devil may care former self, or it is just the passage of the Sun through your house of fun and adventures.  Fun and adventure is what this new Moon is all about so ease up on yourself.  Sure you may have been as popular as the proverbial pork chop lately, mouthing off hither thither and then suddenly you've quite clammed up. Rest assured that no serious damage has been done.  Something about your tenth house--Libra, where Mars is, speaks of a destiny for you, one that may well provide.  But first wait until May when Mars stations direct here and in the meantime, enjoy the art of honing and developing your act.  Venus has been smoothing the way where Mars' had been abrupt and her move to your fourth house and Mercury's move into your fifth house will help get your creative juices, illumed as they've been by this new Moon, out into the public realm.  It's love you need and love that heals, you know this but the show must go on.  Life must go on.


The Aries new Moon occurs very close to home, in fact it's in the symbolic equivalent of the 'home' in your solar fourth house.  This is also a roots' festival for you if not one of actual bricks and mortar.  The fourth house can be pensive, we sometimes retreat to our caves to shut out the maddening world and to ponder all that it has thrown at us.  You owe it to yourself to have a place where you can go to escape the clamour and demands of life on planet Earth.  This new Moon is the time to invest some energy into honouring that place, even if it's just a quite, steady, calm, abiding place you find within yourself--this is the time to appreciate it.  Take advantage of the expansive Jupiter in your house of partnerships to grow that area of your life too.  But first attend to yourself.  Aries is about the self--numero uno and you must get your own house in order, to be able to enjoy that of another's , or a life together.  Pluto your fellow traveller for now, is going to set a cat amongst the pigeons when he makes a direct square hit on Uranus --in your fourth house.  Nothing is guaranteed with these two at cross purposes, the tension that this could create for you where your own ambition, your work and your home life collide is worth considering, and this new Moon the start of the astrological year is the time to strengthen foundations and to find a place within you that cannot be brought easily undone.  A calm, place of inner strength.  In fact Pluto will have insisted that this be a very real place.  Friends may be currently a bit fickle a bit too mean spirited and you might find yourself reading them like a book.  By the time Scorpio has moved into the more hidden part of your chart, you'll know who your friends are.  Get back in touch with yourself this new Moon.  You are sitting on a powder-keg of raw Plutonian power, things will act as triggers to set it off, you'll need to keep your cool. 


Say goodbye to Venus it's been nice huh? Nessus hangs around in the final degrees of Aquarius--he'll soon be gone and good riddance you may well say.  Nobody gets an easy run of it under these skies, but everybody gets the lessons and challenges they need at precisely the right time.  This new Moon is in your house of communications, short distance travel and neighbourly relations.  With Uranus here it's been ever the unexpected in this department.  Information piles in upon information and short trips see you return home almost a completely changed person, from some revelation you had along the way.  The things you want others to know but have no idea how to communicate because some information is very explosive to some people will be encouraged by Mercury's mminent arrival into Aries.  It would behoove you to keep in mind not to overload the wrong people with the wrong information.  You are sometimes guilty of this and the chilly or bemused response this has elicited has caused you to question yourself and so you should.  Some people are clearly just not at all ready to hear what you have to say.   Everything is apt to change so quickly including people.  Jupiter now direct, has been providing you with the get up and go you've needed each day.  Jupiter transiting your sixth house helps to ameliorate chances of a stuff up in your third.   Going out to do whatever it is you do each day, eating properly, the ways in which you've been able to fulfill your daily obligations with apparently a minimum of effort (or perhaps it's been your own usual resistance that has been MIA) has surprised even you.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Love too is closer than you think, but there is a lot to get your head around without complicating things too much at the moment. It may be love is looking for you, but you're not really looking for love. Oh well.


This new Moon is in Pisces' second house of cash and resources, an unpredictable part of your life with Uranus here. By today's standards this is the most important part of your chart.  Your money zone.  Just as well you know very much better than this.  You can feel smug if you like to have such an auspicious reboot in this much coveted zone--it's just as well you're a Pisces.  A communicative fish at present.  Finally able to to make a bit of sense through listening, talking and having people tell you how you're behaving.  Which may not sound particularly appealing, but lately you've been all ears.  With Neptune in Pisces, self-knowledge is hard to find, hard to believe and hard to understand.  Everybody else is just a mirror.  When they tell you something you'd rather not hear, you can think either that they're projecting their own neuroses onto you OR you can sense that maybe there might be a smattering of truth in what they say regarding your own personage--and you always have option to stay schtumm and give nothing away. And look lo and behold coming in soon Venus--she's always fun and helps to lighten the load.  Mercury too moves on into that wicked house of cash of yours which cannot but help bring in some more of that lovely lucre everyone goes bananas about.  People are diabolical surely it is true and you know this, sympathetic to their plight you may well be, but lately you've not really wanted to be too involved.  Jupiter expands your house of fun adventure and creativity.  Now is the time to travel, have fun and work on your art, be with your children and not take life too seriously.  Mars retrograde in your solar eighth house is hardly a picnic, but Vesta is standing by with the barbie and Ceres has brought the bread (sorry 'bout that) The rest of us are getting up to speed we know we need to be a little more like you.  You need to know it is alright to be one as you as this helps heals us all.