Friday, November 25, 2011

November New Moon Horoscopes (with added partial eclipse)


Today's new moon in fellow fire sign Sag trines nicely with your new best friend, shaker and mover Uranus, whose move into Aries begins a seven year transit and a shake up of all things Ares. All new knowledge, inspiring impressions and aha moments of ways to re-invent yourself are kick-started today in a big way and for the next month and beyond. These are fantastic stars for you that will inspire you and help to make your life richer and deeper in a truly authentic way. Pluto in your career zone is keeping things sober and stopping any bullshit in its tracks. Saturn in Libra, trining Neptune in your social sector is helping with the winnowing of the wheat from the chaff. Incoming impressions and your dreamscape are all providing valuable grist for the mill. Romantic delusions are being sloughed from your life and with the help of Neptune, subtle insights about who is real and who is not so real are insights to be valued. A super-charged new Moon means these realisations you can trust to be true. The things that feed your soul and help your body come easily and naturally now. This is a revolutionary time in your life. You have all you need in beautiful flowing ease. Inspiration for the mind, energy in abundance for your body and healing for your soul.  Go get 'em-- carefully.


It's been an interesting month so far, eh what? And today’s' new Moon and eclipse is set to make it even more so. It's been a tricky time for Taurus but with Mars in fellow earth sign Virgo, putting energy into offspring and having time for fun will be a little easier, less fraught and will ease off the pressure in the realm of fiscal issues. Your ruler is onside with matters financial for this new Moon's $ reality check. Sorry that that's not cheque but you never know . . . You could be a little torn in two and as anxious as any Taurean is likely to get waiting for situations to bloody well resolve themselves alright already. The grand trine of Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, coinciding with this afternoons' new Moon, helps you to be and remain quietly and confidently ahead of the game, even if the game has been feeling all a bit murky lately. Mercury retrograde can be annoying to the free flow of funds and all things Mercurial, but for you this is a good chance to check and double check financial dealings and to think and re-think where you're putting your funds. When Mercury goes direct again, next month, you may well be very pleased you changed your mind and could find yourself with more to play with. This is eclipse season and next month's new Moon is a whole new ball game.  But for now you've got plenty to get on with and the unrelenting support of some big planetary hitters and the use of their amazing energies, flowing nice 'n easy.


Intense personal relationships are highlighted by today's new Moon in your seventh house of partnerships. Venus may have brought some lovely blessings to these relationships over the past month but Mercury retrograde is giving you a chance to reflect on any assumptions you may be making about this area of your chart. I.e., your seventh house of partnerships and close relationships. Always the advice is don't assume anything about your close relationships either positively or negatively. The foundations of your life, your 'home' both metaphorically and literally are being energised by Mars and this will continue for the first half of 2012. Take the time that Mercury offers whilst it's retrograde to examine your assumptions and assertions. The intensity in your close relationships will ease off soon enough so don't hastily burn any bridges or cut anyone off or out. Get your house in order but kicking against the pricks at the moment won't help, there's too much at stake at present to be alienating those closest, regardless of how bloody annoying they are. You know that there's a quiet revolution going on in how you relate to groups and friends at large. Even while your circle is widening to include some types more radical, closer ties are part of this revolution or revolt too. Your understanding of what makes people tick is being energised and while you might not be able to articulate even to yourself the insights you are gleaning, be assured that spotlights here and there in your unconscious are turning on for your benefit making life much more rewarding and exciting.


Mars moving through your house of communicating makes you positively charged-up about communicating with others. It won't make you any less inscrutable, so never fear, but it will make you want to get your message across and you will want to do it with aplomb. Today's new Moon and solar eclipse is highlighting the area of your chart that governs health, service and the routine world of maintenance and health-care. Think about your inner Virgo--you know you have one and consider that it's just had a double espresso and wants things ordered now! However, Mercury is slowing down if not completely bunging-up the free flow of all you have wanted to get underway and get on with in the world. All you can do for now is chill, as plans are apt to go awry and routine business becomes potentially problematic. A new initiative you've been dying to implement is being put on hold but this is a good thing. Charging in without due consideration whilst this planetary line up is taking place is not advised. Do not stress, such is not the Tao. Plod along with what you can, keep restructuring in the background, weeding, sifting, sorting. There's never been a better time to ditch material things that could be cluttering up too much of your cosy inner life, not to mention your domestic front-is piece. By the fourteenth of next month, you can blitz us all with your amazing nous for all things entrepreneurial and help to revolutionise how we actually do the business.


Leos are such good Christmas people. This is a time of year when your warm-heated benevolence, your embracing nature, and solid regality so impresses and delights children and adults alike. Hold that thought, because it's not quite Christmas yet. God alone knows how much the rellies and dearly beloveds have been a source of consternation and confusion since it seems, time immemorial. Buggers. But all that is about to change and clarity my dear will soon be yours. You are a source of strength to all, people look to you for authority, kingly wisdom and reassuring hugs. This new Moon enjoy the easy free flow of energy as the current bank-up, albeit brief, in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, trines and chimes with your own munificence. You're learning when to pull your punches and STFU about some of the lesser twats who you've really been wanting to give what-for. Their time will come. Be mindful when embarking on travel plans that you may be sidelined or stranded with Mercury retrograde. Don't let snarl-ups deflect you from what you first intended. Keep an easy open mind at all times preferably but at least for the next month, whilst also keeping the goal in your sights. Things you are learning now will revolutionise your life and the long hard slog of having to deal with duplicity and vague-as, in partnerships is coming to an end, t'anks be.


With Mars in your twelfth house of secret personal business, a coterie of planets in your third house of communications where this afternoon's new Moon is happening, and [breath] even though you'll be potentially stuffed around like the rest of us with Mercury retrograde, you can be well pleased he is--retrograde. Mars in your twelfth house, the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in your third could have you feeling a bit like you've got rants in your pants, but cannae say a darn thing--yet.  ( Even though you probably will). You're getting used to task-master Saturn on your shoulder making everything just seem a little harder and more complicated. But fear not. Whilst somewhat unsettled and a little tense, I'd wager that since Neptune went direct on the 10th of November, you are feeling very much alive.

There does seem to be something profound about this planetary line-up and you've got a message to give us all--but maybe not just yet. Hold those thoughts and the truths you can see and tell Old Man Saturn to shut-it every now and then, he is not actually the boss. You are and right now, you're pretty hot to trot frankly.  But alas, alack, inspired as you are to deliver at least until Mercury goes direct (Dec, 14th) or maybe even after Mars really lights your fire in July next year, swing low sweet chariot, let Mars impel you into mysterious depths and let Saturn in your numero uno position sift and sort. This is a long term plan. Retrograde Mercury is for plotting, using, planning. Go along with the silly season and watch what comes up. By as soon as Sunday Venus will have moved house into your fourth to help with the graceful refinements.


The more I look at it the more I can see, Mercury retrograde in a cluster-fuck of planets in your second house i.e, you in the world, is giving you and everyone, but especially you-- a break. Time to get used to Mars in your eleventh house. You too are probably at some sort of fever pitch of wanting to get on at this point of time, maybe even unusually so. You're getting to see things you never knew existed, things in you, things in others. Some things you can't yet put your finger on are making themselves known to you in weird and wonderful ways. You've got at least the next seven months to develop an authentically re-empowered version of yourself--if you want to.

Water finds a way, it goes around things. Delusions, illusions and the fog of Neptune is now on the move, leaving a ripple effect you will recognise when he resurfaces in gentler mode and you will then understand just what those wild dreams were all about. You're in a good position to become more wise and more discerning. Be vigilant, be fastidious and be supercool. Mars in your social sector for an extended period is a lesson for us all to get real. Neptune moving out of you fourth house into it's home sign of fellow water sign Pisces and you water folk are going to need to be the medium that helps it all to flow. You need to be wise in your choices and so you will.


Flavour of the month eh? At least. You probably don't need me to tell you that you lot are the focus right now and for some time to come with helping sift through a rather alarming amount of bullshit in the world, getting to the truth of things and getting it out for us all to see.  Man oh man, how did it ever come to this? We live in exciting times. Truth and direction is a bloody good starting point when embarking on any kind of revolutionary/transformative process and it's getting fairly clear that the world is desperately hungry and in need of both. These stars have special significance. They are preparation stars for major new initiatives in the world. Mars in Virgo in your tenth house of career and professional standing is there for a good seven months or more. Right now it's being extra intensified with a free flow of energy from your ruler, big boy Jupiter in down-to-earth Taurus, Pluto in your second house in strait-laced Capricorn and Mars doing a long stay in super earthy, sensual Virgo. You however whilst this is going on are in the driver's seat. Ferry us safely. And if it all feels like way too much responsibility, it is and that's why Mercury retrograde in Sag is giving us all a break and a chance to get used to our new roles and responsibilities. Which we will take to like ducks to water. Yee Har!


Things are pretty serious in the world, but right now you are in a better position than most to be laughing.  No really. Well ok, maybe not right now, but you soon will be.  This is the month before your solar return/birthday, a time to reflect . . . a bit. Your ruler Saturn transiting your tenth house of professional standing may have been delivering you a few curve balls of late but your knowledge base is energised and expanding fast, a situation set to continue for the next seven months at least. Pluto is making the long haul through Capricorn. Not everybody gets to experience this type of revolutionary deep-digging bullshit exposing overhauling miracle, but you are. And there's a reason for that. Things have been nebulous for too long, but the revolution has begun and you are an integral part it.  Jupiter in fellow earth sign Taurus, your fifth and Mars in Virgo, your ninth, are trining pretty well perfectly with you and your amazing new friend Pluto as we speak.  Travel widely when possible and take in as much esoteric knowledge as you possibly can glean, Pluto will help you there with what is real and what is not. Who you are is becoming clearer to you and soon will be more evident to everyone in a good way. It's still a personal thing though, quiet and mysterious the key is to trust the processes in place. There are challenges ahead--aren't there always? But quite a lot of fun and laughs too. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and the world will probably weep alongside as well. Such is your clout. Venus in your first house on Sunday means you get to glow, flirt and be very funny.


"I can see clearly now the rain has gone" . . . well depending on where you live of course. But metaphorically speaking your world just got a whole lot clearer and this clarifying trend is set to continue. It's all very synchronous this supercharged new Moon with added partial eclipse, an eclipse that will be visible from South Africa, New Ziland and Tasmania--depending on the weather.   For you, the Sun, new Moon, a Mercury gone awol and Venus in YOUR eleventh and I call it your's advisedly, is a feat of time and space that a mere mortal would have difficulty coming up with in such an elegant, kapow kind of way.  Wow, wow, wow in the words of dearly departing Steve Jobs.  Along with everyone else on the planet, Mercury hitting the anchors for the next few weeks while something of a nuisance in the silly season, is in fact allowing us all to get a feel for the new rapidly unfolding situation. A chance to take a breather in a That was Zen This is Tao kind of way. Neptune who has been your right hand man, confuser, confounder and mystery-master extraordinaire is on the move after umpteen  ok,  fourteen years in Aquarius. He's taken you out of circulation a bit, but you're back, big time and not a moment too soon. Frankly it's a relief for everyone.  You have been a bit missed. This new Moon solidifies just how relevant you are to the scheme, the new scheme of things. As I've heard it said lately, we are all hippies now and if not in the traditional smelly sense, certainly in the sense that we require common sense, truth and the betterment of all much more urgently than we did say . . . . fourteen years ago. Your ruler Uranus has just begun a bit of a trek through Aries--he's been taking a bit of a breather, but is soon to go direct (in Aries ffs!  Mwaaahhh!) on December 10th.  How nice it is to be finally coming up for some air. What a trip. You're going to feel much more alive and out there and a lot less invisible than you've felt for a long time.


This afternoon's new moon--Australian time 5.10 pm is in your tenth house of career and professional standing, which suggests that how you carry yourself in the world and what you do with your life 'out there' in the context of this stellar line up, is going to affect us all deeply. Ruling planet Neptune is set to make something of a home-coming to your sign when he moves into Pisces in February 2012. Joining up with Chiron the 'wounded healer' also in early Pisces, there are going to be tears of joy and relief for you as you start to feel the real power and rare beauty of who you are. Blessed sigh. You are the first Pisceans in roughly 168 years to have this kind of reality check with a visitation from your ruling planet. Unprecedented!  Saturn in your eighth house and Uranus doing his thing in your second, are transforming your relationship to money and material objects. These are medium to long term influences, respectively and will keep you anchored to the material world, effectively helping to stop Neptune from consuming you whole. Chiron heralds his arrival in Pisces, a good omen that certainly suggests a big healing time.  This new Moon in particular is ensuring that you are not going to slide away into a fissure in a metaphorically bottomless ocean. You are needed in the world, above, very much and it will support you in whatever ways you choose to use your talents and resources. Mars tracks backwards and forwards through your seventh house until the middle of next year.  You lot don't need much instruction when it comes to resonating with people, but you do perhaps lose interest from time to time and become easily disheartened. So a bit of Martian energy intensifying the area of your chart governed by close relationships will keep you actively engaged. Careful with the blunt truths, you're building up quite a store. You're both protected by a defensively-driving Mars in your relationship sector, but you're also about to have your potential for empathy and sensitivity made to feel very much alive and at first it might feel a bit raw. Suggest you hone your famous joke telling skills as Jove is definitely onside making your communications big, broad and lively.